Confirmation I: Alpha Videos & Decision Point Questions


To fulfill the Confirmation I class requirements, students must either attend class or complete 15 lessons at home.  In addition to the 12 Alpha Video lessons, there are an additional 3 lessons students must complete on the topics of Chastity, Mary & the Liturgy.There is no additional homework. However, if a student who attends class is absent for a particular lesson, her or she must complete the corresponding lesson at home.

Each lesson includes two components: An Alpha video/discussion activity and a Decision Point question & answer response section. Students who are enrolled in our homeschool program must watch the Alpha videos with the parent or adult who is responsible for his or her instruction for the year. Prior to watching the Alpha videos, adult leaders should download the Alpha Leader Guide which provides additional information and questions to facilitate the conversation with your teenager. It is VERY important that you do not simply allow your teenager to watch the videos alone. The program requires personal reflection and human interaction in order to be effective.

Download the Alpha-Leader-Guide

PART I: Alpha Videos & Discussion

There are a total of 12 Alpha videos, each of which is divided into several segments that set up a question for viewers to discuss together. The question is posed and then a series of street interviews are presented with young people answering the question. After the street interviews, the question is presented again. At this point, PAUSE the video and discuss with your teenager how each of you would answer the question. To enhance the conversation, additional questions for each segment are provided in the Alpha Leader Guide and on the homework page corresponding to the video you are watching. After discussing the question, RESUME the video and repeat the process with each segment.

PART II: Decision Point Questions

After watching the Alpha video with a parent, the student must complete the Decision Point questions by watching the video or reading the corresponding passage in their Decision Point books. There are 10 multiple choice questions based on the reading and an additional 5 questions based on the brief biography of the featured Saint. After submitting responses, students must check their scores to see if they made any errors. If they did, they will need to edit their responses to reflect the correct answers. Only a perfect score on all 15 questions will be counted as a completed session.

If you have any questions, please contact the Religious Education Office.

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