Confirmation II: Make-up Lessons


To fulfill the Confirmation II class requirements, candidates must attend class. If for some reason a candidate misses a class, he or she must make up the lesson at home. However, excessive absences will be viewed as a lack of commitment and the candidate may be asked to withdraw from the program and invited to re-enroll when he or she is ready. 

The lessons are based on the topics we cover in class. For each lesson, students must answer a series of multiple choice and short answer questions based on the readings or videos listed.  After submitting responses, students should immediately check their scores to see if they made any errors. If they did, they will need to edit their responses to reflect the correct answers. Students should receive an email with their responses to each question that includes a link for them to edit their score if needed.  Only a perfect score on all questions will be counted as a completed session.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Marina at the Religious Education Office.

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All Lessons Must be Completed by March 15th

Parent Night
What makes me happy?
The Gospel of Creation
Breaking Open the Word
Who do you say I am?
Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Discernment of Spirits
The Gospel of Life
Building the Kingdom
Defending the Faith